Specifications Writing

Solving business and technical problems is a job for Subject Matter Experts.  Practical and creative solution design creates long term solutions, saving repetitive redesign and development.

Referencing similar projects is the logical starting point, and that can only be done with an experienced partner.

Enosys Subject Matter Experts design with both business and technology in mind, bridging the common gap between business goals and practical technology design.

Our approach has three steps:

  • Define business requirements: Our SME’s identify and qualify high-level objectives for the solution;
  • Capture user requirements: Our SME’s assess and document the user’s real-world use of the application;
  • Provide functional requirements: We translate the business and user requirements to technical descriptions of functionality and process

The result is a complete business and technical design, substantially improving the end product, and shortening the requirements vetting process.

Success Story:  All business and technical specifications for a total rewrite of a client reporting platform, integrating data warehouse, security master, accounting, performance, and non-custody source systems.